What is a PT?

Proficiency testing offers an independent evaluation by comparing your results with others in the industry worldwide. By participating in proficiency testing exercises, you will gain confidence in your equipment, methods, personnel and ensure the quality of results that customers expect from your laboratory.

Benefits of PTGSC

  • Reduce your business risk
  • Improve your brand image
  • Enables compliance with legal requirements
  • Increase confidence in your systems
  • Facilitates validation of your methods
  • Improve your quality assurance program

Why choose PTGSC?

  • ISO 17043 Accredited Interlaboratory Provider
  • Maximum impartiality. Completely independent of stakeholders (laboratories)
  • Real samples. Minimal handling and preparation
  • Own web-based interaction. Simplified communication
  • Comprehensive, detailed reports and individual assessment reports. Uncertainty evaluation report
  • Quick evaluation to expedite your decision-making
  • Our team's proximity and experience to assist you in improvement

How are they evaluated?

This is done using the z-score statistic, which is calculated as follows: