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Provider: Gabinete de Servicios para la Calidad SLU

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Gabinete de Servicios para la Calidad, S.L, (GSC) is a private company specialized in quality support services to laboratories.


Our organization includes personnel with extensive experience working in testing laboratories involved in analysis of the agri-food and environmental fields, among others.


GSC, as Provider of Intercomparison Tests, participates in the design and execution of intercomparison programs in these areas since 2001, operating under a Quality System based on ISO/IEC 17043: 2010, currently accredited by ENAC with accreditation No. 06/PPI011, according to Technical Annex PPI011, for different physical-chemical and microbiological tests in the environmental and food sector.


In our Intercomparison Program we include tests that we hope will be of interest to you. We invite you to browse through our documents which you can access from this page.



The program that we describe to you and that you find published in this page includes all the essays that, for the moment we plan, with annual character.


You will find particular information on the current Exercise Plan.


We look forward to your comments and suggestions.


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